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With the countless dental problems, it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re at risk for a dental problem. Well, today we are going to give you some dental problems and show you who is at risk for that particular dental problem.


Erosion of the enamel can wear down the tooth’s surface, making them prone for discoloration and decay. Anyone who sips soda, sports or citrus drinks all day are at risk of erosion. The acid from these drinks, including wine, can erode the enamel.


A tooth infection sounds less than ideal right? Well, these infections are formed within the pulp of the tooth. Decay or injury can infect the pulp causing severe pain in and around the tooth. Those that have a deep cavity or a cracked tooth can let in bacteria, causing the infection to occur.


Though often rare, oral cancer affects nearly 30,000 Americans every year. Those who use tobacco or use a combination of tobacco and alcohol are most at risk for developing oral cancer.

TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

This condition is caused by a wide variety of reasons, some of which including a possible dislocation of a disc, arthritis, injury, tooth and jaw misalignment, stress or teeth grinding. And did you know that women are more likely to develop TMD than men, putting them more at risk.

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