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The enamel layer of your teeth is very hard and durable. This allows you to bite off and chew foods. Unfortunately, there are rare situations where an accidental fall or blow to the face can carry enough force to actually crack the enamel layer on one or more teeth. This is even more likely if you participate in contact sports and athletic activities without the protection of a quality mouth guard.

How deeply the crack penetrates into the tooth will influence the treatment options that Dr. Lisa K. Attaway presents to you.

Once the initial trauma has subsided, if you feel a sharp or persistent pain in the cracked tooth, it most likely means that the damage extends into the pulp or root of the tooth. In most of these cases, Dr. Lisa K. Attaway will need to perform a root canal. This will replace the damaged internal structures with of the tooth, and a dental crown will later be placed.

Even if the crack in the enamel is limited to the enamel layer and pain after the trauma subsides, you should still have our dentist examine it to help you understand your treatment options. In some cases, the area can be repaired with a cosmetic bonding, filling, or crown.

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