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How would you rank your tooth brushing techniques? Do not forget to keep taking care of your toothbrush, so that it can keep taking care of you. Generally speaking, most toothbrushes fall into disrepair after a few months or so and should be replaced as needed. If your toothbrush is beginning to show signs of fraying or wear, replace it with a new one that can keep your oral health hygiene habits at their peak.

Once you have the brush you desire, look for toothpaste that is dentist-approved or recommended to help ensure its safety and effectiveness. If a regular toothbrush does not work for you or causes you any sort of pain, try switching to an alternative dental cleaning utensil such as an electric toothbrush.
When preparing your smile for optimum brushing techniques, it is essential to keep your toothbrush in excellent shape. The first step to becoming a well-established brusher begins with keeping your brush safely stored upright in a well-ventilated area free of contamination. Be sure to prevent anyone else from using it and do not let it come into contact with other utensils or brushes. Always strive to select and use a brush with soft bristles and a well-functioning brush head that can reach all areas in your mouth.

If you are struggling with your brushing habits, or are in need of a professional cleaning in Rockwall, Texas, Family Dentistry of Rockwall would love to help. For a more thorough examination to determine which treatments will work best for you, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Lisa K. Attaway by calling our dentist office at 972-772-3900. Take the time to protect your teeth today!