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Root canal treatment is a method of endodontic therapy performed to address an infection in the dental pulp and nerves. Many patients are fearful of receiving root canals–some to the point that they will avoid root canal treatment completely, increasing their risk of tooth loss. If you are hesitant to undergo a root canal despite being encouraged to do so by a dental professional, Dr. Lisa K. Attaway and our team want to help put you at ease.

We offer the following advice to help you enjoy an optimal root canal experience:

– Explain your fear to our dentist in advance: If you’re feeling nervous about the treatment, we want to know so that we can work with you to address your anxieties and help you feel relaxed and at ease.

– Organize your post-op recovery prior to the procedure: For a few days following root canal treatment, it may be best for you to eat only soft food, and we encourage you to obtain these items in advance so that you can enjoy a relaxing recovery process. You will also need to coordinate your ride home prior to your appointment time.

– Don’t take painkillers ahead of your appointment: Our team will provide any needed pain medication at the time of your appointment, and if you numb your mouth ahead of time, you will have difficulty communicating with us.

– Notify us of any medications you take: Notify Dr. Lisa K. Attaway of any medications you’re on so that we can avoid adverse drug interactions in the event that your medication doesn’t react well with the dental anesthesia. If needed, you can speak to your primary doctor about altering your daily dose.

– Avoid alcohol before and after: Approaching the procedure with a sober state of mind will make root canal treatment easier for both you and our team, and the recovery process can be more comfortable if your body doesn’t need to fight the effects of alcohol and can focus on healing your smile.

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