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Oral trauma can come in many forms. One of the worst is when a hard fall or an accidental blow to the face manages to knock out a tooth. Also known as a dental avulsion, this level of trauma often results in total tooth loss. To help ease the pain and prevent a dangerous infection from forming in the exposed socket, Dr. Lisa K. Attaway might advocate extracting the remnants of the root. Once your gums have been sutured, the area can heal and she can help you understand your dental restoration options.

One of the most effective ways to replace the knocked-out tooth is to install a dental implant.

This involves Dr. Lisa K. Attaway directly inserting a titanium abutment into the underlying bone structure. This can typically be done during a single outpatient appointment where you will need to be fully sedated. Afterward you’ll need to have someone drive you home while the sedative slowly wears off.

Titanium is the material of choice for the abutment as it is known to be biologically safe and it will eventually fuse with natural bone tissues. This will provide a strong anchor for an eventual dental crown.

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